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Her Story

Her Story If you were to journey to her haven, far from the city gates, what questions would you ask of her?  And if she were to look deep into your eyes with her piercing dark ones and respond with that enigmatic smile, how could you be satisfied with her words, “It was long ago. It no longer matters.” Instead, I believe you would persuade her with other questions, until she would finally relent and tell her tale: I was born in a fishing town where my father held a prominent position. Being the only child, he encouraged me to
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In the Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass     Stretched long in the tall grass Embraced by yellow dandelions And wild purple violets flown from Grandmother’s heavenly garden ˗ His Cat nose sores high To sense the lilac scented breeze While his green Cat eyes Survey his tame domain.   The creak of a near-by opening door Distracts his Cat ears ˗ Searching for the gay women And the two young girls Home schooled, Playing in mid-day alone On unsteady roller blades Along the lazy street.   Echoing through the cacophony Of whirls and shouts and giggles The man in the balcony spews
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