Writing the First Novel

“And how long did it take to write and publish your first novel, The Women Gather ?” This was one of the  constant questions asked during the interviews leading up to my book launch. If one were to survey my friends with this question, they would no doubt answer, “Forever!” Through all their support and encouragement, it must have been painful to keep being told: “I’m working on it!”

Truth of the matter, I’m not sure I wanted to come to the novel’s end. After retirement and moving to Cornwall, I worked hard to become part of the community. I joined various organizations to feel a sense of belonging. I also worked hard to disengage from my status as an ’employed person’. I needed to reinvent myself. Overall though, I was clearly searching for something more. I knew so many who pursued specific creative endeavours with what I could only define as ‘a passion’.  While my many involvements did give me a sense of satisfaction, none remotely resembled a passion. Delving into my memory, it came to me that what I have always enjoyed was writing: short stories, poetry, articles, even briefing notes. I came to realize perhaps that is what I needed to tackle, seriously and with dedication.

And there’s the rub. Dedication! When I finally decided to get on with it and write the first novel, I was quite methodical. I knew what theme to promote; I knew what the story line would say; I knew how the chapters would evolve; I knew who the characters would be; I decided what the ending would reveal. I am after all an organized person ‒ perhaps an obsessively organized person. But then, once the writing began, something bewildering started to infiltrate and grasp hold. The characters as well as the story line indicated signs of taking on a life of their own. I’ve heard most writers describe this mystical experience. What I also discovered was that the process of creating became my passion. Reaching the goal of completion was quite secondary. I finally understood. The journey itself is the joy! Having said all that, at some point, reality called. I needed to write that last chapter and finish the work.

Now that my novel has been published by Baico Publishing and launched, it is finally out there. I have to let it go. It needs to take on a life of its own, with you, as the reader.

Katalin Kennedy

July 2012 article

Kindness column, Seaway News


‘The Women Gather’ – Baico Publishing Inc. – e-mail: baico@bellnet.ca

Katalin Kennedy – e-mail: emesesdream@hotmail.com

Available at Chapters.

In Cornwall, also ask for ‘The Women Gather’ at:

  • ‘Life’s Little Pleasures’ – 108 Pitt Street, Cornwall or
  • ‘The Grind’ – 35 Second Street, Cornwall or
  • ‘Friends of the Library’, Cornwall Public Library

Price: $20 plus if applicable: $3 shipping and handling.

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