At Our Doorstep


Pastor asked from the pulpit:

“Has the Anti-Christ come?”


Is this the last hour?

Can one Deceiver rock the planet

Through fanatic nationalism,

Spreading Its sinister arms to all those elsewhere?

Keep out!


Seen before, so often, so often…

Back in the day ‒

Viewed now on black and white films,

The transmission of unscrupulous orders,

Marching through Europe.


And Europe saw it again.

In this time, in this hour.

Hordes streaming from far-off,

Meandering through distant lands.

Meeting closed borders.


Oh, but not here!

We want them to come.

Begin anew, like before.

A mosaic of humanity.

A memory of our very roots as pioneers.


What has changed?

From where has It crept in again?

And we didn’t believe

It could take hold.


We are a civilized western world.

Spoof, skepticism, rebuff against the audacity.

No, not possible.

Why were we so naïve?


Promises to the downtrodden…

Beliefs silently held

Now ‒  given permission to bellow

From a place of possibility.

Its supporters cannot be denied.


Remember the Jasmine Revolution of Tunisia?

And then again in Tahrir Square, Cairo?

The social media revolution

When the masses united, fused, conquered!


Watching from afar

Through the same cyber lens,

Words of sarcasms, anger, defiance ‒ dismay!

Marching in throngs, the women gather,

Joining and chanting.


Now too late, far too late ‒

The corrosion, implosion begins.

And as we observe in our own safe haven

Another massacre, this time in a sacred house!

At our very own doorstep ‒


Has the Anti-Christ come?


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