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The Women Gather

The Women Gather Chapter Five Tuesday, April 6 – Rhianna Returns Aideen found mother and daughter surrounded by Snow (the Akita) and Lily (the cat) at the kitchen table in front of the tea pot, laughing at some story Rhianna had just told. They didn’t look like each other, except at the eyes. Yes, the eyes were the same, huge and open and dark — eyes that could see through you whatever your thoughts. But as for the rest, there was no resemblance, none at all. Where Tunde was tall and imposing, Rhianna was short and engaging. Her face too
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Book Launch Media Release

Book Launch Media Release “THE WOMEN GATHER”, Katalin Kennedy Published by: BAICO Publishing Inc.       ISBN 978-1-926945-87-3 EMESE’S DREAM PRODUCTION      “We live in a period of history which has the potential to be the most enlightened.  Yet, it has become almost expected that we adopt a blaming, pessimistic, dark attitude, both for today and for what lies ahead.”      “The Women Gather”, reflects author, Katalin Kennedy’s passion to put forth her belief that the world can, indeed, create a more positive future.        Katalin’s optimistic attitude is not surprising.  She and her family escaped Hungary in 1956 and
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