In the Tall Grass



Stretched long in the tall grass

Embraced by yellow dandelions

And wild purple violets flown from

Grandmother’s heavenly garden ˗

His Cat nose sores high

To sense the lilac scented breeze

While his green Cat eyes

Survey his tame domain.


The creak of a near-by opening door

Distracts his Cat ears ˗

Searching for the gay women

And the two young girls

Home schooled,

Playing in mid-day alone

On unsteady roller blades

Along the lazy street.


Echoing through the cacophony

Of whirls and shouts and giggles

The man in the balcony spews

Guttural cough from his throat

To which his primitive Cat response reacts

With a tiger’s roar –


Until another day, maybe to chase a squirrel.



May 2018

Katalin Kennedy

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Categories: Poetry.

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