March Snow


White cotton clumps clung on the tree branches beside

Her new place, in her new life.

The snow had come ˗ again ˗


Just as he had come ˗ the evening before,

With only the words: and so it goes,

And ready for bed ….

Not their long bed at the other place

But a normal length one in this her place

His feet dangling at the base ˗

His lingering arms wrapped round her until she slept ˗

Only woken to the affable aromas:

Of eggs sizzling in the blue porcelain-lined frying pan,

Of rosemary focaccia toast and

Of dark roasted coffee

Hers ˗ with frothy milk in her china cup,

His ˗ black in his bottomless tucked away mug

He reclaimed ˗

From deep in her cupboard….

Just as he had been tucked away deep in her heart,

Until he might come ˗ again –


Just as the march snow.


Katalin Kennedy

March 2018

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Categories: Poetry.

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