Crossing the Threshold” by Katalin Kennedy

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Echoes of Footsteps” by Katalin Kennedy

Early Reviews:

We are all echoes of our experiences, searching for happiness and fulfillment. In “Echoes of Footsteps”, Katalin Kennedy shares with us her life’s colourful tapestry where metaphoric footsteps are guiding the reader through events imaginatively recounted through intriguing prose and poetry – emphasizing insight, love and compassion.

Catherine Mattern

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“Echoes of Footsteps” is Katalin Kennedy’s third book. Unlike her previous two novels, it is a combination of fact (her own amazing background), fiction and a bit of fantasy and sometimes it is difficult to know the difference. It made me laugh – it made me cry – a perfect combination for any book. I loved it. Thanks Katalin.

Lorna Foreman – Columnist, Fifty-Five-Plus Magazine

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“Echoes of Footsteps”, by author Katalin Kennedy cleverly combines poetry, short stories and editorial pieces in one book, organized into three separate sections. In part one, she shares with us stories of life in Hungary as a little girl and her family’s escape to Canada. By sharing her experience in vivid detail, she immediately draws the reader in and the result is that the reader feels like actually being there with her. For poetry enthusiasts, her poems will not disappoint. Finally, in the last section, her collection of articles explores a broad range of issues such as accessibility, travel and climate change. There is certainly something for everyone. It was a joy to read. I couldn’t put it down. You won’t be able to either.

Mary J. Dufton – Freelance writer

Reconnecting” by Katalin Kennedy

RECONNECTING is an essential novel for our times. Katalin Kennedy expertly weaves a captivating story about how the bonds that women experience guide their choices — and ultimately destiny — through relationships that can be as messy and wondrous as life itself. As we get to know Marlie and her enquiring mind, her pondering of crucial issues and ensuing flashes of insight reveal how love and friendship, with a good dose of providence, can guide our lives and lead to wisdom. This book is as heart warming and comforting as a good feast for the soul. We are left wanting to share more time with Marlie and her distinctive friends.

~ Nadine Lucki


The novel is very aptly named; I was intrigued as to how the author interwove all the “connections”. I think that readers will be taken with its numbers of love stories, the coping with loss, the meaning of real friendship and family, the exploration into the Divine, the mystical messages and the importance of dreams, and the powerfulness of “Reconnecting”!

~ Catherine Mattern


I eagerly awaited Katalin Kennedy’s second book “Reconnecting”. Perhaps it is a stage of life but I, too, have been going back into my life and reconnecting with some of the people who were very important to me. Like the primary protagonist, I found out that those reconnections do come with entanglements but it is those entanglements that add richness to any relationship. I read the book twice and know that when I read it again, I will find even more depth in her characters. Thank you Katalin.

~ Lorna Foreman

The Women Gather by Katalin Kennedy

Written by a woman, about women, for women but with men in mind, this mesmerizing, maiden novel demands our attention at all times. Transporting us from the recent past, through the present, to the far future it records the events of seven days in April. You will hear the quantum voices of many women each with a fractal sameness yet each as unique as a flake of snow. You may wonder whether the self-exiling of these women behind the walls of the Norean Order sanctuaries was the best route to unleashing the healing powers of the collective consciousness but, like me, you are hoping that their entry into the Outerworld is not too late. Be informed that this is not a “feminist” piece of literature but a glimpse into a future where the skills and abilities of men and women can be integrated and maximized.

Katalin’s commitment to this work is demonstrated by her commissioning of the cover. If ever a book could be judged by its cover then this is the one. Let its confidence and love open you to all the possibilities it presents and join those that would bring such a gathering of women into existence.

~ David Rawnsley, Quantum Activist


The Women Gather affected me deeply giving me a better understanding of my own journey as a woman in a society that was, and still is, a challenge for women. The book continues the journey to a different potential future for all of us, men and women alike.

~ Lorna Foreman, Author – “When Life Becomes Real” and “Wheat Watchers