Seeking a new dwelling


Falling, falling, falling …

Hurling through the cosmos,

His ineffable wings unfurl to catch the wind

As he searches with radar eyes

For the perfect place

To unearth his new dwelling.


Lower and lower he descends

Overlooking the ancient structures of worship:

First being Gobeldi Tebe near Sanhurfa.

Then onto the Palace of Knossos in Crete,

And the Temple of Amas in Nubia.

Soaring onward to the Ggantija Temple and the

Megalithic Hagar Qim of Malta

He next heads off to the Temple of Hatshepsut

Beneath the cliffs at Deir el-Bahri of Egypt  –

And later across to Stonenehenge.


Attaining no shelter in any, he frantically ascends

Back to the Temple Mount of Jerusalem

Where like the Phoenix

He attempts to arise once more and surmount the

Three faiths of Judah, Jesus and Mohammed –

Yet none will give him sanctuary!


Cast out by the sacred trinity

He yearns to establish where he might reign.


Then out of the tumultuous whirlwind

The sound of almighty fire and fury

Penetrates his dejected spirit.

“You were once my son,” the mighty resonance proclaims!

“I AM – of compassion.

Fly then, into the new world.

Seek out a place called the domed Capitol of the Americas.

There, have I been abandoned.

There,  will you find followers to rule.”


Katalin Kennedy

August 2018

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