Written in the Stars

She had tried to reach him for days. In fact, she had already warned him two months before. He hadn’t listened then, and apparently, he was shutting her out now.

Several years before, she had unearthed interesting information about him. Although these might have been well kept secrets, they were not as deeply tucked away as they have since become. For example, it was never discussed that his first wife held serious superstitions. No surprise. People from Eastern Europe are still very much enmeshed in ancient folk lore, fantasy and ritual. Add to this, his own grandfather was born in Germany. With these two significant links, it is small wonder he too has fundamental ties to outer world related peculiarities. Not only has he become an avid student of the occult, but he is also an accomplished numerologist.

It was reported that the number 45 is of grave concern to him. He had been recorded to say the following: “Most people know that 45 is the smallest triangle number, after 1, which can be written as the sum of two squares. This is generally considered a worrisome sign.” He went on to relate that it is the .45 caliber revolver which has been the most often used weapon in assassination attempts against U.S. presidents. A reporter further pursued his fear of the number 45. Was his apprehension a foreshadowing of him becoming the potentially ill-fated 45th leader of the free world?

Given his seemingly superstitious background, she simply couldn’t understand why he was not responding to her contact attempts. She considered using Twitter, but 140 characters would not be sufficient to warn him. And besides, he wasn’t one to read Twitter as much as to write it. So, the challenge was on: a delicate dance to engage his attention.

Shortly after his birthday in June, she had warned him that thousands of witches throughout the world united to cast spells against him. It wasn’t that she wanted to scare him, merely to advise that his actions resulted in consequences. Yet as he ignored her efforts, who could she engage to convey her message? There were too few now, whom he trusted to be at his side. If any. And it was unlikely he would want it to be known about consulting with clairvoyants and astrologers ˗ like herself.

The environment in Reagan’s time had been quite different. Nancy, in fact had been the one to seek her out, heeding her advice through the President.

Perhaps that was the route by which to proceed. She needed to reach the current First Lady. After all, here was another Eastern European who might prove to be sympathetic. The time was drawing too near. She had to somehow warn him about the impending effects of the blood moon and solar eclipse.

She had read when eclipses occurred, ancient peoples believed the world would come to an end or that a great evil would follow. Myths often involved a beast trying to destroy the Sun with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance. In Transylvanian folklore, an eclipse was said to stem from the angry Sun turning away and covering herself with darkness, in response to men’s bad behaviour.

She was aware that some astrologers were saying the attainment of his exalted position was written in the stars ˗ because he was born during a lunar eclipse. She knew this factor made him more susceptible to the power of eclipses; even more so to the rare total solar eclipse.

She already witnessed the devastating effects of this imminent eclipse. Wasn’t the country being torn apart, by what might culminate in a civil war? She was desperately determined to make him understand: He was on the verge of a major reversal of his previous good fortune ˗ unless ˗ he stopped twittering, talking and stepped back to listen and respect the advice of intelligent counselors. But just as his astrological chart was filled with ‘fire and fury’, which in the past had facilitated his rise to power, she also realized it might be these very characteristics which could potentially dictate his defeat. Would that be such a terrible tragedy? she considered. Well – perhaps not.

From Acts 2 she remembered: “I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.”

And with that insight, she stopped fretting, closed her laptop and waited for the momentous solar eclipse to foretell ˗ whatever the future would bring.

Katalin Kennedy
August, 2017

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